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At Little Inventors Montessori Nurseries, we believe that every day is a learning day and that learning is all around us. As well as being a place of learning, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all children are coming in to a loving, caring environment where they are valued and listened to. We also involve children and parents in trying to continually improve.

Our mission is to transform the lives of the children and families we work with, through creating a nursery which feels like home with an extended and supportive family environment.

We have a clear vision of what  want to achieve at Little Inventors Montessori Nurseries & Pre-schools:

- To provide a safe, happy, caring, secure and stimulating environment for all the children.
- To enable all children to develop their capabilities as successful learners and confident individuals.
- To help all children to prepare for the future.

Contact Information
  • Phone Number
    020 3417 4410
  • Group/Owner
    Little Inventors Montessori Nurseries
  • Person in Charge
    Kate Batham (Manager)
  • Number of Staff
  • When Closed
    Bank Holidays
  • Type of Service
    Day Nursery – Privately OwnedOpen all yearFull Day Care
  • Total Places for children
  • Age range
    from0 years 3 monthsto5 years 0 months
  • Parking
    No parking
  • Visiting
    Please use front door along the pavement
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  • P B
    April 24, 2022 at 12:00 am

    Our son is so happy at this nursery. The staff know him inside out and are always so gentle and loving with him. He has built up a really personal relationship, and the nursery has become like an extended family. They do everything they can to take the pressure off us when unexpected things are thrown up, like needing extra days. He is given good, healthy food, and his development has come on leaps and bounds. We were nervous about putting him into any nursery, but it has been a really good choice.

  • S C
    October 25, 2022 at 12:00 am

    My son had the most wonderful time at Hanwell Montessori. When Montessori Hanwell was opened, we took the opportunity to enrol him in as it was closer to home. Although it was a new environment for our little one, we still felt the staff warmth, nurturing care and love. He’s always happy during drop-off and pick-up, sometimes he would just run to the staff without acknowledging our presence, and that shows the nature and kindness of the staff. He grew immensely in confidence and acquired so many amazing skills! I recommend Montessori Hanwell to any parent who thinks communication with staff is important as well as being updated on your child’s development and progression. We appreciate you, thank you!

  • V B
    March 6, 2023 at 12:00 am

    Since the beginning when my child started (11 months), the nursery has been great, very attentive very knowledgeable. My daughter seems to really love going and has a great attachment to the staff. They have always answered all of my questions and queries. When visiting the nursery the cleanliness was great which is good given how fast germs can spread. The sleeping area was clean and tidy too with the children having their own space and cot/bed to sleep in. The Montessori method is applied throughout the day at nursery and that’s reflected at home. Great nursery, special thanks to the nursery managers and all the staff who help look after my child and provide a safe clean loving environment.

  • Ruben E
    April 4, 2023 at 12:00 am

    Our son was at this nursery for a year. Unfortunately, we had to move due to work. He really enjoyed being there and if the circumstances were different, he would have stayed.
    The care workers are really good!

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